Xpand Insights is an easy to use application providing businesses and programme teams with the relevant Insights; to make data driven decisions surrounding business and programme development.

Identify opportunities to Xpand your business; Quickly access relevant support;  Generate insightful professional reports*.

Programme teams receive better insights into the needs of the industries they support using live data from Xpand Access and Xpand Insights together.

Benefits for
 Programme Teams
• Improved engagement between Industry, Government Agencies,  Education and Knowledge based Sectors
• Tools to support Job Creation through business growth support
• Tools to Increase International Collaboration and Development
• Tools to support data driven decisions surrounding programme development

Benefits for Businesses:
• Instant Insights needed to run your business
• Information about Customers, Competition, Markets, Events and Support
• Reduced time to market for your products and services
• Regularly updated insights to support data driven decisions
• Generate Market Analysis Reports to support funding and growth

* only available through Xpand Insights

Generate Professional Reports in Minutes

Generate reports, maps & graphs on markets, customers and competition without additional teams, training or software.

Quick, Relevant Information

Instant access to up-to-date information relevant to your ideas. The power to make insightful decisions at your fingertips. Live tracking of industry trends.

Save Time, Save Costs

Reduce the time and cost needed to improve the quality and performance of programmes. Insights gets products and services to market faster.

Supporting GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliant tools to improve engagement with business owners and other stakeholders.

Connect to Events / Industry Partners

Find events, conferences and distribution partners to reach a wider audience.

Better Engagement

Communicate programme information effectively. End to end tools to analyse audiences, track traction, signpost to services and evaluate enquiries.

Raise Funds Faster

Automation of investigation to understanding the risks and opportunities when securing funding. Get funded faster.

Analysis from Multiple Sources

Simple procurement of data analysis; on-the-fly combinations of Open and Live data. Rent data as you need it.

Signposting Tools

Tools connecting businesses to relevant support to expand and grow. Reports on cross referrals and enquiries. Signpost to Funding, Mentoring, Workspaces, R&D services, Events and Services.

Plan Next Big Steps

Make decisions surrounding the next resourcing steps, relocation, research, product / service development and marketing strategies. Planning steps to help businesses Xpand.

Team Workflow Tools

Collaborative tools to support businesses Xpand and explore new markets market faster. Tools to Engage, Evaluate, Signpost, Measure, Support and Xpand business support programmes.

Access to Live Feedback / Evaluations

Design solutions businesses need; incorporate feedback as it becomes available Continuous feedback on the needs of potential and current candidates for programmes using Access platform to on-board and track clients.