In November 2017 Xpand has helped secure £25k grant from Invest NI to established the Open Business Industry Group (OBIG) collaborative network and has been the lead company for the network.


This network provides Xpand with access to talent working across Northern Ireland for future projects including it's 5 year product roadmap.


The aim of OBIG is to highlight the benefits of Open Source development / technology in terms of its contribution to the technology economy.
With trends within the technology sector increasingly using Open Source tools, data and licensing over licensed counterparts;  OBIG are aiming to provide guidance in the emerging technology trend.

As a recognition of this Xpand have identified several Open Source Projects,  Support Open Data Infrastructure and use Open Licensed tools within it's development.


With several projects successfully delivered under it's belt involving a large scale SAAS product,  Disaster Simulation Education Software, A Data Validation Product and Innovation Clinics OBIG has secured over £500k worth of sales since it's establishment in 2017.  The group has successfully delivered projects working with Companies, Economic Development Agencies, ODI London and Department of Finance in Northern Ireland.  OBIG has also received invitations to participate in focus groups and panels to guide Open Data Strategy within Northern Ireland.


With a current project bid pipeline collectively of over £5m worth of work,  we are excited to see the potential of the group to provide practical innovation services to large scale projects on an international level such as Xpand Access,  Xpand Insights and Xpand Ability to help grow the Northern Ireland Economy.


The collaboration network boasts access to over 20 highly talented teams who regularly meet at weekly coffees,  evening events and meet-ups with skills discussing collaboration projects, technical solutions and ongoing bids for work.


Phil Weir CEO of Flax & Teal "For many years we have been seeking to establish that the Open Source development ecosystem is required - even through the initial projects secured by the collaboration this has proven the need for this collaboration."


OBIG welcomes applications to join the collaborative network;  businesses and freelancers can apply to join via the OBIG website :