From September 2017 - March 2018;  Xpand acted as the product owner for Open Business Industry Group (OBIG) Project Lintol to help develop tools to support the £100k award Open Data Industries project to develop better publishing tools and workflows for Open Data..


Project Lintol provides Validation as a Service tools for organisations who work with Open Data to ensure that data published meets the standards required to make it usable by the consuming communities.

Lintol will provide a standalone automated system incorporating pre-existing, high quality data validation tools such as CSV Lint and Goodtables-py, and offer new plug-ins for additional data types. 

Working closely with the ODI,  Xpand provided guidance and product management support to develop the requirements of the Open Data Toolsets.  The end results of the user engagement was that there was a strong demand for a simplification of the toolsets involved in cleansing and publishing.   Also a demand to be able to extend the functionality of validation to a point where custom solutions could be incorporated.

The project has received significant support from multiple Government Agencies and will be running a cross-departmental pilot with the Northern Ireland Civil Service by the end of 2018.

Xpand helped to set up focus groups,  and conducted interviews with data publishers across the UK Government and supported efforts to engage with potential stakeholders for this project.

Cormac McConaghy of ODNI (Digital Services Department of Dept of Finance NI) "These types of Open Data projects are exactly what is needed within Northern Ireland"

Olivier Thereaux of the ODI "The professionalism of the Lintol team and direction of the project have provided an end SAAS solution which can be integrated into further ODI projects,  we look forward to seeing the next steps of this project."

With phase 1 of the project completing in March 2018 and first pilots delivered by the end of 2018,  the product has been made available via where organisations wishing to trial or pilot the project can sign up for more information.