From April 2018 the Xpand team are on the move!  Moving into Lombard House in Belfast. 

The team have joined the Ulster Bank Accelerator programme,  part of the Royal Bank of Scotland initiative for engaging with businesses;  the team now has access to over 11 co-working locations  across the UK with an anticipated 12 team members across 3 sites by the end of Xpand's first year the team;  Xpand are grateful for the opportunity to Xpand and work from these locations.

With support in Finance, Legal, Marketing and mentoring from some of the senior team from within the bank;  The Xpand team are taking full advantage of the facilities,  expertise and opportunities that this presents.  

With an estimated 2300 businesses per year mentored and supported by Royal Bank of Scotland across 11 sites,  this provides Xpand with the perfect scenario to test it's products to support economic growth.  Xpand has submitted multiple projects for review by Royal Bank of Scotland and hopes to have opportunities to test it's latest Xpand Insights and Xpand Access products amongst each cohort of 500 businesses spread amongst the 11 sites. 

With products on the Xpand roadmap within the FinTech area;  Xpand are taking full advantage to request feedback from the senior banking teams to guidance on our product development. Products within the Xpand Pipeline include tools for measuring the risk and potential return on investments and tools to help track business growth and tools encourage growth in businesses.

Xpand are actively seeking support in developing it's products through online and offline focus groups;  we welcome your participation through the following links.

Xpand will be piloting business growth clinics to support businesses looking to Xpand their business.  Business owners can participate in person or remotely.
It is our ambition to have an Xpand Clinic available in each node and online on a weekly basis by the end of 2019.